Wednesday, March 11, 2009

reality bites

Today, I put on my jeans that I haven't worn for quite a while. It turned out to be a bit too tight...GASP!!!!!!!!! Didn't realised I have put on so much weight. I admit that I haven't been exercising for a looooooong time, since we came to Malaysia for time, with all the housework that I have to do, I thought that would be enough to make me sweat and burn the fat..apparently not!!!!!!!! So today, after sending the kids to school, I decided to find my dusty Pilates CD and do some exercises. My goodness...I am so stiff!!!! I can't even straighten my legs properly...and Pilates does require alot of hurts sooooo much!!! But today perseverence is my best friend..endured the 30 minutes workout..and boy I feel so proud!!!!!!! But I know my body is going to ache like hell tomorrow....well, no pain no gain...refuse to admit that as we are getting older, our metabolism will decrease..or is it just an excuse people use to eat whatever they want and gain weight without feeling guilty? hmmmm....anyway...hope this exercise today is not my last..who knows, tomorrow I might be eating some roti canai or some mamak noodle..hehe..maybe I should hang the jeans on my fridge as a reminder....

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SOHO Mama said...

Yup, I dulu pun nak letak gambar lama kat fridge..tapi I tak buat pun :P
I just bought a new pilates CD last weekend but..err..havent started yet. I havent exercised since I gave birth to Zuleyka nine and a half months ago. That's AGES and definitely not a good sign.
Wish we could do pilates together gether..baru bersemangat sikit kot?