Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy's girl...

This morning, as I was waiting for my kids to get into their classrooms, two moms came over with theirs kids. One girl, named, Natasha, is a very cheerful and sweet girl, immediately greeted my daughter, her classmate, good morning. She is always happy and smiling. And another girl, named, Zara, was complaining about something to her mom, with a unhappy face. The thing is this doesn't happen only today. Almost every morning, the scenario is the same. From my observation (yep...I kill time by analyzing people..it's fun some time)..Natasha's mom is the very cheerful type while Zara's mom is always frowning..I guess the kids pick up the mood from their mothers...or in general, their surroundings...I think it is important to have a positive vibe around your kids, they have this sixth sense if anything is wrong. Sometimes, when I had fights with my hubby, my kids would sense something and immediately they would behave extra nice because they know mommy was not in a good mood...It is not easy sometimes to be positive ALL the time but as parents, it is our responsibility...and someone told me that NEVER fight in front of the kids. So as I was boiling inside, wanting to scream at my husband, I just have to put on a smiling face in front of the kids and be patient..good practice actually to keep yourself calm. Who said being a parent is easy..it's a huge responsibility but it's also an even bigger joy!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why do moms worry all the time?

My little girl started to go to the big school. And she is really excited about it and had no problem in adjusting..very well I must say..on the first day, she didn't even cry. and i didn't have to wait but i did, at least until snack time..worry if she wouldn't eat her snack and would go hungry. She was so excited that she had only a few spoons of cereal for breakfast. Before leaving, I think I told her a thousand times to eat her lunch, not to play on the monkey bars, drink her water, listen to the teacher..bla..bla..bla....if I were her, I would scream "I know!!!!!" . But not her, she just nodded her head like the toy with the bouncing head..whatcammacalit again?

At home, I was praying that she eats her lunch. And decided to go extra early to fetch her...waited and waited and worrying if she is okay. The bell rang and out they came from the class. She was beaming and ran towards me. I hugged her and boy, do I miss her even though it was only for six hours. Was so glad that she was okay. On the way home, she was telling me about what she did in school, her new teacher and friends. When I asked her whether she had her lunch.."Just s little bit Mommy coz I have to go and play"...and she finished her lunch in the car. She did okay for the first day..I didn't have to worry after all but guess that what moms do..ALL THE TIME....